Albania: Fourth Protester Dies in Hospital


A fourth protester has died last night in Tirana, as a result of the violent clashes organized by the opposition in Albania, who want Prime Minister Sali Berisha to step down from office.

Hospital officials announced that aside from the four citizens who lost their lives, at least another 31 citizens and 27 members of the police force are injured. Another 100 were reported to have minor injuries.

The government and the opposition Socialist Party began last night the harsh exchange of accusations at a series of press conferences. Edi Rama’s Socialist Party said the government bears responsibility for those killed during the protest, and that it requires a detailed investigation into the causes of the violent clash.

According to him, Interior Minister Lulezim Basha is the one responsible for the victims. He said that today is a day of mourning for those killed, and denied allegations of state officials that the protests were organized by socialist leaders.

The government again blamed the Socialist Party as the organizer of the violent demonstrations and organized violence aimed against state institutions and law enforcement./zeri/