Cultural Heritage Forum focused on Prizren Historic Center

The second meeting of the Forum for Technical Information Exchange on Cultural Heritage was held yesterday at the Museum of Kosovo.

The Forum aims at bringing stakeholders in the field of cultural heritage together to facilitate information exchange. It will support relevant Kosovo authorities to meet their European Perspective challenges – thereby also enhancing the long-term sustainability of all Cultural Heritage sites in the Republic of Kosovo.The discussions in this second meeting of the Forum focused on the preservation and development of the Historic Centre of Prizren and underlined its potential as one of the richest and culturally most diverse cities in Kosovo.

The Forum touched upon the ongoing and planned projects on Prizren, the municipality’s vision for the future of the historic centre as well as the responsibilities of the various institutions – especially the local Institute of Protection of Monuments – when it comes to Cultural Heritage in Kosovo.

The next meeting of the Forum will take place around mid April.

The Forum is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo in cooperation with the European Commission Liaison Office and the Office of the European Union Special Representative.