Republic of Kosovo Says No To 1244 Footnote Representation


The offer to Kosovo to accept representation at regional initiatives under the footnote “1244- Opinion of the ICJ” will not be accepted.

This was confirmed by Hajredin Kuci, Deputy Prime Minister. “That offer is not acceptable”, he briefly confirmed. Days ago, he also stressed that Kosovo will under no circumstances reduce the level of representation in front of other states that participate in regional initiatives.

“Kosovo will participate as an equal in all regional cooperation undertakings. Kosovo and its representative will be identified in the same way as the rest. If others are identified on basis of the state they represent, so will we. If they are identified by name, we will also be identified by name”, said Kuci.

This implies that if Kosovo is represented without the word republic, Serbia will have to be represented in the same way.

Meanwhile, international sources have warned that if by the end o