Rice: US will not allow Kosovo partitioning

U.S. State Secretary Rice

State Secretary Condoleezza Rice has stated the she wants to avoid any step that may lead to Kosovo’s partitioning. “What we cannot allow to happen is moving towards steps that question Kosovo’s territorial integrity”, said State secretary Rice, while travelling to London to attend the Contact Group meeting. Russia’s FM Sergei Lavrov was not invited.

In her meetings with British, French, German and Italian officials, Rice will also discuss ways in which Kosovo’s transition to statehood can be aided.

“We will look at ways to move faster towards the establishment of the EU mission”, said Rice.

“We want to make sure that there are no attempts at dividing Kosovo”, said Madame Rice, while adding that “Kosovo is an independent state now, recognized by all countries that will attend the London meeting”.

Rice said that since the independence declaration, Kosovars have behaved in a responsible manner. Nevertheless, the Secretary has admitted that the situation in the ground is a bit blurry, and that no one has expected it not to be so.

Expressing the readiness to continue talks with Russia on the issue of Kosovo, Rice said that “despite our differences on Kosovo, we will try not to fuel any conflict”.

She also spoke about the incidents in the north of Kosovo, with an emphasis on those involving the courts, saying that they are troubling.

“To my understanding, there have been incidents following attempts to prove that some parts of Kosovo function independently”, said Rice. “A difference must be made between what can really threaten Kosovo’s integrity, and what can simply be a form of protest”, US State Secretary Condoleezza Rice was cited as saying. /newkosovareport.com/