Serbs Offended By Funny ‘YUGO’ Ad, Threaten To Kill Author


The author of one of the funniest ads ever published about the car make ‘YUGO’, an American from Los Angeles, has received a series of death threats originating from citizens of Serbia.


“Serbs do not know how to joke” said the author of the funny announcement that made a boom around the world.

When he created this advertisement in an attempt to find a potential buyer for his ‘YUGO’ which he owns since 1988, the 43-year old American never thought this would hurt many Serbs.

He told journalists that he had no bad intentions, just to be funny.

“I have been told that I have shown a sense of humor since first grade – but many Serbs have experienced this ad as something personal” the American told a journalist from Belgrade’s ‘Politika’ newspaper. He refused to give his name as he is a family person, while the death threats he received he does not consider as jokes.

“I have really received a lot of e-mails, and nearly half of them contain racist insults (at the expense of Americans), vulgar expressions and other bad words, including death threats. Serbs have no idea what humor is”, said the 43-year old American, who’s originally from Israel./kohaditore/

The ad can be found HERE