Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters Each Athlete Should Know


Low testosterone levels could affect men in several ways. First, they cause them to be moody. They lead to diminished libido. People with low levels of testosterone are less energetic. Often, these symptoms lead people to try different products to boost their testosterone levels. It’s rather unfortunate that some of the products they use cause them to develop various types of complications. This is because of the side effects associated with some testosterone boosters. What side effects should you know about the boosters?

Reduces energy levels

First, many boosters are notorious for causing the energy levels to drop further each day. The person taking the boosters often experiences fatigue. This is ironical since the boosters should be doing the opposite. The boosters don’t cause mild fatigue. They make the user struggle with extreme fatigue. The increased levels of fatigue are often the work of high prolactin and estrogen levels. What’s more, the extreme fatigue makes the user feel worse than he did before he ever took the booster.

Reduces sex drive and performance

One of the symptoms of low testosterone levels is a reduction in sex drive. Unfortunately, this isn’t the result of low T levels alone. Some boosters have a bad reputation where the sex drive is concerned. This is because of their ability to make a person struggle with a reducing sex drive despite taking products that should make the situation better. Worse is the fact that the boosters make the user struggle to perform well sexually. Imagine a situation where you not only struggle with low testosterone levels, but also low libido while being poor in bed.

Causes emotional instability

Emotional instability is a side effect of some testosterone boosters too. In the worst scenarios, you would even struggle with depression. Some natural boosters help by improving your mood. They also boost your sense of wellbeing. Nonetheless, this doesn’t spare you from experiencing an emotional turmoil. The factor that’s responsible for worsening your mood is phytoestrogens, which some of the over-the-counter boosters contain. What’s worse is that the phytoestrogens also stress the pathways needed for liver detoxification, thus making you grumpy and groggy.

Causes low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is a side effect worth being aware of before you begin taking any booster. The reduced blood pressure, in many instances, even drops to dangerously low levels. A person with a dangerously low blood pressure might experience more fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. Low blood pressure isn’t what you need when trying to boost your energy levels. Therefore, be careful with the booster you take. It might leave you feeling worse than you originally did before commencing the treatment to boost your testosterone levels.

Therefore, this article has shown why you need to be careful with your choice of testosterone boosters and if you need help making a choice on which is the best be sure to check out Some of the products you take could come back to haunt you. The side effects associated with such products make it critical that you exercise caution. The side effects are more common when using over-the-counter boosters. For this reason, you’re better off speaking with your doctor first to learn what to do or obtain more information on the kind of boosters your body doesn’t need.