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Contribute with your original commentary
and/or reporting: is happy to provide writers with an opportunity to present their views, opinions, analysis, research on subjects relating to Kosova and its neighbors.

The following subjects are of a particular interest:
•    Policy Analysis
•    Economy of Kosova
•    Cultural and sportive events
•    Social trends
•    Population Trends
•    Historical perspectives
•    Travelogues

Translating into English of Albanian and other language original texts is acceptable. Simply translate the text of your interest that is within the guidelines specified here and send us the translation and the original text.

To be considered for publication on, please send your article as a regular email to:

Please be mindful that grammatically incorrect, incomprehensible or otherwise convoluted sentence structure as well as extremist articles and/or derogatory, offensive, not researched, or otherwise offensive writing will not be considered.

Topics that are outside of the listed interests and/or do not deal with Kosova may not be considered.

Further, articles and writing that is framed as an “open letter” to someone or is a direct and narrow opinion on an already written piece is discouraged.

We do not accept attachments in the initial submissions.

All contributions are voluntary (and unpaid).

Send us your photos
You happened to be at the right place at the right moment? Take a picture of the event and send it to New Kosova Report for the rest of the world to see.

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New Kosova Report is a non-profit side project for a group of students and scholars located in Kosova and across the globe. Since our work and that of our contributors is done on a voluntary basis, 100% of your financial support will go towards enabling the best quality service in terms of web server infrastructure and paying for professional journalistic services in Kosovo.

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