When Should You Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?


Doctors and hospitals try their best to give the best health care services. They take human life seriously. Unfortunately, some of them commit errors accidentally or due to some negligent behavior. When errors occur, a select group of lawyers known as medical malpractice lawyers can be of immense help. A Maryland medical malpractice lawyer is trained and experienced in everything you wish to learn about your options arising from errors committed by doctors and hospitals while receiving treatment.

Consult your medical malpractice lawyer when the following occurs:

Delayed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis

The biggest complaints around medical malpractice have to do with misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis. Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis, cause patients to miss some crucial treatments. A patient who misses timely or proper treatment might suffer more harm or die. A patient can’t prove delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis on his own. He needs the input of an experienced individual. He needs somebody with the legal knowledge and training required to prove that the doctor diagnosed a condition late or wrongly.

Injuries during Childbirth

Medical malpractice has been cited as the reason behind some fatal injuries. Some of the injuries include seizure disorders and cerebral palsy. Medical malpractice also causes fracturing of bones in addition to Klumpke’s palsy and Erb’s. However, medical malpractice doesn’t always cause these conditions. Therefore, the lawyer has to prove that the doctor, nurse or hospital is responsible for the fatal injuries rather than other conditions. The lawyer’s brief would be to prove that the medical malpractice is because of:

  • Negligent prenatal care
  • Negligence during childbirth

Medication Errors

Medication errors affect millions of people each year. The errors might have to do with the actual prescription you receive from a doctor. In many instances, wrongful administration of medication could cause mistakes that warrant hiring a medical malpractice lawyer to help you with the lawsuit. The wrong prescription from a doctor is capable of harming a patient. It’s not strange to see some patients in hospitals getting the right medication without the medical practitioner’s prescription. Some doctors prescribe medication for a condition they misdiagnosed.

Anesthesia Errors

What many patients don’t realize is the harm they might suffer from anesthesia errors. These types of errors are more dangerous compared to surgery errors. Errors committed by the anesthesiologist are capable of causing brain damages, permanent injuries, and death. In such instances, the lawyer’s task would be to investigate whether the anesthesiologist performed anesthesia before looking at the patient’s medical history. The attorney investigates whether the anesthesiologist failed to keep you informed of the risks associated with preoperative orders.

Lastly, the doctor might be guilty of committing surgery errors. If this is the case, you would need the Maryland medical malpractice lawyer to file and argue the merits of your claims in the court. Complex rules regulate medical malpractice cases. The lawyer you hire to help you fight such cases must be well trained, highly experienced and knowledgeable on everything relating to medical malpractice. Do not attempt to file or argue the case on your own, especially if you don’t have any legal training, experience, and qualifications.