Why it’s Impossible to Win in Court without a DWI Attorney


A conviction for DWI is more devastating than you realize. This is because of the fines in addition to jail time, court costs, loss of driving license and loss of work that it exposes you to. When you find yourself in court accused of committing a DWI offense, the last thing you should contemplate doing is facing the charges alone. It’s impossible to win without hiring the best Springfield, MO DWI attorney to help you through every stage of the case.

Attorney understands legal systems better

You can’t take away from the attorney the fact that he knows the legal system well. Therefore, he is capable of helping you to navigate the system successfully without losing any of the life’s privileges mentioned above. Don’t wait until you’re in court to begin searching for a DWI attorney. The search should commence the moment the police arrest you for committing a driving while impaired offense. Let the attorney handle your case from this point onwards.

Attorney guarantees you the best outcome

The attorney works hard to ensure your chances of getting the best result are higher than if you were representing yourself, especially if you’re a first time offender. Don’t be afraid to hire a DWI attorney even if it’s your second or umpteenth time in court to answer charges related to a DWI offense that you recently committed. The attorney helps in such instances by ensuring that you spend less time in jail. Otherwise, you would have to contend with more time in prison.

Attorney ensures the penalties don’t cripple you

As earlier mentioned, DWI penalties are too strict and painful. The penalties could render you out of work or make it impossible ever to drive your car comfortably again. Each state in the US has a unique set of DWI penalties. DWI fines can be several thousand dollars, which could hurt your finances. The attorney fees, as well as court costs, are capable of making life too hard for you by reducing the amount of money that you can spend on other important areas of your life.

Some of the DWI penalties your attorney can help you avoid include:

  • Suspension of revocation of your driving license
  • Community service, jail time or both
  • Evaluation and treatment for substance abuse and alcoholism
  • Paying costly fees for reinstating your license
  • Limited driving privileges, which may include ignition interlock devices
  • Higher car insurance rates

Attorney helps you prove your innocence

The penalties differ depending on the extent and severity of the damages, injuries or fatalities you cause when driving while impaired. Injuring or killing a person when driving while impaired could mean the end of your life as you know it. Many times, the person charged with DWI-related offenses might be innocent. Proving your innocence is as impossible as traveling to the moon on a helicopter. An attorney can help you prove your innocence in court.

Before you hire any attorney, seek for and obtain references. Select lawyers whose DWI experience can help you. Choose local attorneys as they understand the laws better. Consult several lawyers before choosing one. Ask the lawyer about his fees before signing or hiring him to represent you.  Remember, you cannot win a case in court without the input of an experienced Springfield, MO DWI attorney.