Why You Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer When a Dog Bites You


Vicious dogs attack and injure many people each year. In the US, dogs bite around 1,000 people per day. Research shows that 86 percent of the dog attacks lead to bodily harm. In fact, children are victims of dog attacks 81 percent of the time. Eighty-nine percent of the attacks are for adults. Therefore, seeking medical assistance quickly after a dog bites or attacks you is just as important as obtaining the help of a personal injury lawyer. This is where the services offered by the PNH Law Firm can help you greatly.

Dog bites are devastating

Dog bites and attacks are not only emotionally, but also physically devastating. This shows why the dog’s owner has to take legal responsibility for the actions of his pet that have led to the physical and emotional trauma. The renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy is capable of meeting the costs of covering for the treatment the victim has to receive following dog bites or attacks. The policy caters for all the suffering in addition to the pain and medical expenses that the victim experiences following the bite.

Lawyers check the dog’s history

A good lawyer is capable of conducting a thorough investigation to determine whether the dog that bit or attacked you has a previous history of doing the same to other people. This piece of information is crucial to the success of your case. Prompt investigation is critical in lawsuits filed to get compensation for injuries caused by dogs. The lawyer has the resources and expertise needed to canvass the neighborhood looking for witnesses who can prove the dog has a track record of biting and attacking other individuals.

Lawyer proves owner’s negligence

Dog attacks do not always cause injuries. When they do, you need a person who knows what to do. When the attacks cause injuries directly, you will need medical attention. In some cases, you might need treatment in the emergency rooms of a local hospital. Negligence on the part of the owners often leaves victims with little to do to avoid dog bites and attacks. However, you might be unlucky to realize that negligence alone isn’t enough to win you a fair compensation. This is because of the decision by some insurance firms to stop covering specific dog breeds.

Dog attacks cause indirect injuries

A dog doesn’t have to bite you to warrant filing a lawsuit. If you slip, fall and suffer an injury while running away from a dog that seeks to attack or bite you, the lawyer can still provide the help needed to file a lawsuit against the owner. Many dog owners don’t accept responsibility. In many instances, the owner’s insurance firm may not show any willingness to cover the cost of treating your physical and emotional wounds. Without a good lawyer by your side, you would struggle to force or convincing the owner and insurer to do the right thing.

Dog attacks and bites can lead to injuries that require short-term and long-term medical treatment. The cost of treating such injuries could drain you financially. Scarring, which is a common injury suffered because of a dog bite, often requires plastic surgery to fix. It’s common for the disfigurement to become a permanent feature of your body. Consequently, it’s important for you to seek the intervention and expertise of a licensed and experienced personal injury lawyer, such as PNH Law Firm.